7 Hallway Ideas

Decorating your hallway bring new energy in your entire home. It is the first space that guest notice when they enter your home it is worth spending the time and effort to ensure your hallway has an instant wow factor.

Make your hallway space look its best while reflecting your personal sense of style. In this post, We have compiled a list of 7 Hallway Decor Ideas that will help you in transforming your hallway into wonderful eye-catching space.

#1 Decluttering, Decluttering and….decluttering

Remove Absolutely everything that doesn’t belong to a hallway, it is the first step of making your entryway clean and clutter-free. Invest in a Hall Cabinet with a surface area, so it can help you in displaying your most loved decorative pieces, on the other hand, it provides ample storage space for essentials.

#2 Don’t Afraid to Go Bold

The Hallway set the tone of your home, and the colour is the most important factor in enhancing the beauty of your space. Make a bold statement in your entryway with fresh blue, purple, orange, and yellow colours. Bold Colors will not only add character to your space, but also greet your guests and give an eclectic feel to your home.

#3 Lighten Up

A really simple way to inject some brightness into your entryway is by the use of Lighting and Mirrors. These two things can even spread light and brightness in darker rooms too. Installing Doors with Glass panels is another good way to bring some light in your hallway. If you’re more concerned about your privacy, you can opt for stained glass, translucent or frosted windows, which allow the sufficient light in, but mean nobody can see through the glass.


Hallway Lighting and Mirror


#4 Realize the Potential of House Plants

You can’t ignore the power of House Plants in your home, these small house plants have a big impact on your health and home decor. Think about the decorative possibilities of potted plants. For impressive decoration, try to choose pots of different colours such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple and more.


House Plants For Health


#5 Show Your Family Portraits

We all have family photos that we love to display in our home, it’s considered as very personal decorations. Add extra happiness to your hallway walls with your family portraits.


Family potrait in Hallway


#6 Add Warmth With an Area Rug

Long, Narrow Entryway? The beautifully designed area rug will set the right look in your hallway. Don’t be afraid of big and bold prints on your hallway rug! This is the right place to set the tone for your entire house and make your space more inviting. Choose the area rug that goes well and complements your wall colours.

#7 Decorate With Pattern

Whether it’s statement storage solutions or accent chairs, Furniture in Vibrant Colors and Punchy Patterns work great in a hallway. For a long hallway, try to choose a large scale pattern because the tiny pattern will be unable to make the impact on long, narrow space. On the other hand, you can also achieve the look with pretty wallpaper.

If you have any questions about which Hallway Style is best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or share your hallway interiors with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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