5 Bedroom Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

While we all want to make our home attractive, it is mainly the living room that is considered first when it comes to home designing. Don’t you think? The Bedroom is often ignored because most of the portion of the bedroom is occupied by the bed and Storage Solutions. It is true that the major space of the bedroom is occupied by furniture, but you can try so many things in your bedroom that take your bedroom design to a higher level.

The colours and patterns chosen can make a big impact on your mood, so it’s important to start the bedroom design task with complete planning. A little mistake can drain your bank balance when it comes to bedroom interior designing.

To simplify your task, here we’re sharing  some common bedroom design mistakes and ways to avoid them:

 Mistake #1- Keep Balancing

A very common bedroom interior designing mistake that most interior designers and house owners likely to make are to either use unnecessary brighter lights or making a dull room.

How to avoid it- Bedroom lighting should create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere that sets the perfect mood in the bedroom. Also consider the size and ceiling height of your bedroom.

Mistake #2- Placing area rugs in the wrong spot

In many homes, you’ll notice the area rungs placed in the wrong place. A beautiful rug positioned at the end of the bed instead of the right position.

How to avoid it- Place the rug in the bedroom where it will work well. Like, place it on the ground near the bed where it gets appreciated when you wake up early in the morning. During winters, it will give you a warm feeling and looks cosy.


Rug in Bedroom


Mistake #3-  Forgetting the measure

Taking a measurement of the furniture is one of the important things that you need to consider. 

How to avoid it- Be sure to take the time to carefully measure the size of your furniture and available Bedroom Space.

Mistake #4- Using the Wrong Mattress

Getting the wrong Mattress is the worst mistake. Uncomfortable Mattress can affect your sleep as well as you can feel pain in the back. Also, avoid using too many pillows on your bed.

How to avoid it- Invest in a Good Quality and Comfortable Mattress that look good as well as help you enjoy good night sleep.

Mistake #5- Not Getting the Scale Right

The scale is one of the biggest mistakes that most homeowners make while designing their bedroom. It’s not limited to choosing furniture of same size and heights. 

How to avoid it- There are so many things that can help you set the right scale within your bedroom. Just like, keep the right length curtains in the bedroom, hang the artwork on the featured wall, window curtains and many more.


Curtain in Bedroom


Have you ever made any mistake in the bedroom designing? Is there anything that you would like to change in your bedroom design? Share your thoughts and experiences with us. We would love to hear from you all!

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