Find Out What Your Sofa Habits Say About You!

Sofas, Couches, Lounge, what you wish to say them, their sole purpose is to help you relax. Sofas are a great investment, a good quality sofa will last for years. A  beautiful and cosy sofa in your living room creates an inviting atmosphere as well as create a focal point.

Every person has their own way of seating on the sofa, some of them love to sit in the Buddha Position whereas some like to cuddle in the corners of the sofa. Find out what your sofa habits say about you!

(a)  The Sofa Hogger

This one is the popular position people love on the sofa. If you sit on the sofa in this position then you’re having an active social life and you’re having so many friends. If you’re in a relationship, chances are higher you’re having a happy relationship.

(b) The Sofa Buddha

If you like Sofa Buddha Position, you’re the most likely to be the risk-taker and fitness lover. You love your work and feel happy in the workplace. This position with crossing legs and hands resting in the lap reflects overall contentment and confidence in the person. 

(c) The Twisted Crosser

This twisted crosser sofa position is very popular in the UK. If you sit in this position you’re more likely to be carrying some of the stress from your daily working life. In this position, you have control over the body and not allowing the body and spin to relax properly. 

(d) The Back Seater

An attention-grabbing position is most likely to be adopted by the people who want to achieve something big in their life. It also shows that the person wants to look different from others and get attention everywhere.

(e) The Floor Lover

The person who adopts this position is more likely to follow its own rules. The person does whatever he likes to do. In this position, a person sits on the floor and its back is supported by the sofa.

(f) Arms Crossed

If this one is your posture while sitting on the sofa, you’re a deep thinker take all your decisions from your mind rather than the heart.

(g) Hands Folded in Lap

If you fold your hands in lap while seating on the sofa it means you are a loyal friend and a great conversationalist. You more likely, enjoy the company of close friends and avoid overcrowded places and gatherings. 

(h) The Tucking Leaner

If you sit in this position on your sofa,  it means you feel successful in your career and loves your job.

So, What’s your seating position on your sofa? Share with us!

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