House Detoxification For A Healthy Home This Spring

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Spring is a time when most of the people think about decluttering, cleaning, organizing and refreshing their home interiors for the new season. This spring not only make your home tidy, but also detox your home for a “healthy lifestyle”.

Why You Need to Detox Your Home?

There is no better place than your home- Warm, Welcoming, memory-filled dwelling you grow up in, the place where you return after a long working day, and the place where you feel comfortable and can relax. Of course, you want your most favorite place (Home) to be safe, peaceful and free of all toxins.

According to WHO, about 3.8 million premature deaths take place every year from non communicable diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, lung cancer can be attributed to exposure to household air pollution.

Your safe heaven can slowly damage your health; clearly, it’s a good reason to detox your home for keeping your home & family healthy and safe.

Let’s come to the ways that can help you in making your home healthy better place to live!

From the bedroom to the living room, this post will clearly show you a few ways you can make your home detox.

Air Purifying House Plants

It’s fascinating to know that houseplants can remove all harmful toxins from the air. On the other hand, they can add beauty to your home decor. Houseplants provide dual benefits to every home; you can improve both home decor and health with some beautiful houseplants.


Air Purifying Indoor Plants


Keep Your Shoes Off at the Door

This is something that we’re doing from our childhood days. It is a great habit and avoids bringing in dust lead and pesticides. Better yet, get a doormat to wipe your shoes off before you take a step forward towards your home entryway.


Shoes Off At The Door


Improve Air Quality

Stale Air gets trapped in our home, as we never open our windows. If you want to keep your home environment healthy, keep your windows open for some time every day. So, it will help you to improve the indoor air quality and hopefully get rid of germs.


Open Windows To Improve Air Quality


To effectively detox your home, try to be careful while buying any products for your home. Like Wall Paints, Household Cleaners, and Air Fresheners etc. So this spring season, what’s your plan to detox your home? If you have any ideas for making your home de-cluttered and healthy, feel free to share with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!


Happy Spring!

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