How to Introduce Pattern into your home

Are you tired of your old dull home decor? If yes, it’s time to add a dramatic element within your home design. Patterns can make a boring space look a lot more cohesive, bring a fresh feel to your home interiors. Choose patterns which enhance the beauty of your space and make you happy.

Introducing Patterns into your home doesn’t mean you have to re-wallpaper your home walls or buy a new Armchairs and Sofas. Often, the small additions can make a huge difference in your home. Whether it’s cotton linens, cushions or throws, patterns can be introduced within your home interiors with less expenditure.

If you’ve decided to introduce patterns within your home interiors. Here are some important tips which can help you in introducing patterns in your home successfully:

Consider Scale, Proportion & Balance

If you’re thinking of bringing pattern within your home decor, then considering scale, proportion & balance is paramount. There are not any certain rules when it comes to incorporating patterns in your home. If you’re really confused or having any doubt you can follow one simple rule. Choose three different patterns of different scales and keep the rest of the space simple. This will give your space a  contemporary look and feel in no time.

Go For Neutrals

Usually, colours have three main behaviours, active, passive or neutral. Out of 3, neutrals are mostly used in home interiors. Neutrals like Brown, Cream, Grey, Muted Earthy Tones can go well with any of the home interiors or styles that’s what makes them neutrals. 

With Neutral colour tones, you can use a few layers of bold prints in either your area rug or in a few decorative accessories or furniture. Undoubtedly, the bold patterns will work perfectly with subdued neutral tones.


Go For Neutrals


Dress Up Your Windows

A perfect way of adding patterns to your Living Room area is by choosing beautifully printed curtains. If you’re confused about introducing a pattern in your home interiors then curtains are the perfect piece to begin with. 

Also, you can add floral print curtains in your home if you’re looking for adding some vibrancy to your home interiors. As it’s much easier to change if you get bored with the prints or trend changes.


Dress up your windows


Go For Classic Patterns

Patterns can be neutral or bold and colourful, it all depends on what you like and go well with your home decor. When choosing fabrics, floor coverings and upholstery for your home, classic patterns are always a perfect choice. This season opt for Floral prints, checks and block patterns, as they are popular and timeless. Undoubtedly, it will elevate the look of your home and make it look more beautiful.

Decorative Accents

If you feel like your home needs a little bit of your personal touch, consider adding some metallics decorative accessories or hand made wall arts for giving it an impressive and timeless look. By adding a few of these items, you can transform the look of your entire space from boring or dull to welcoming abode that looks just amazing.


Decorative Accents



Do you love this design in your home decor? Will you be adding patterns in your home decor this season? 

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