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Painted Furniture

With vibrant colors and distinctive designs, painted furniture is the ideal way to add energy to any space in your house. Since modern painted furniture gives a home more character, we provide a choice of painted furniture sets for you to choose from. Thanks to their painted finishes, these well-made furniture sets for the entire house provide personality and light to any room. From some of the most well-known furniture producers in the UK, such as Classic Furniture, Devonshire Pine and Oak, The Oak House, Frank Hudson by Gallery, Urban Deco, and Global Home, TFS offers a wide range of high-end, classically inspired, and modern items.

We only use top-notch hardwood to build our painted furniture. Years of experience have taught us that wood paints better than any other material because of its resilience and wonderfully smooth texture, which provides the ideal white space for the variety of colors we employ. Every one of our painted furniture collections has hardwood accents that show off the beauty of this natural resource and serve to contrast pleasantly with the sleek painted body, whether finished with a tinted lacquer or clear wax.

A simple and affordable approach to giving your home a fashionable appearance is to use painted furniture. You can find the ideal matching piece to meet the design of your home because there are so many various colors and finishes available. Painted furniture is a great option if you want to give a distinctive style or shabby chic feel. The popularity of painted wooden furniture among homeowners has greatly increased. It is a wonderful method to make your area more cheerful and create a cozy home environment. We have a wide selection of painted furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and home office here at TFS UK. Save a tonne when you shop online at TFS UK!

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